About Us

About Us

At Oldham Wood, we have a creative can-do attitude and believe you are only limited by your imagination!  We have been custom designing Murphy Beds for more than 15 years! After passionately woodworking for many years, we discovered a niche market in creating Murphy Beds with unusual materials. Over time, we have become the “Murphy Bed” experts!

We take great pride in crafting each customer a unique Murphy Bed that suits their individual needs. We focus on helping families down-size and make more room for the things that truly matter in their home!

At Oldham Wood, we provide a well-built product at a reasonable price. We provide a free no obligation design session and can show you a custom 3D visual of a few designs based on your requirements. This image rendering is a great way for you to see and understand how the bed will work in your space.  We will help you find a creative and unique solution at a resonable cost.

We offer our customers something they don’t get with bigger retailers by tailoring every project based on your personal needs.

We can create a Murphy Bed from just about any wood building material, especially used, old and recycled woods! The greatest asset we can give you is that extra bedroom you have been wanting without giving up valuable living space!

Call us to set up a time to meet and discuss your Murphy Bed options at 603-369-4643.

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